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48.      J.W. Seawright, H. Sreenivasappa, H.C. Gibbs, S. Padgham, S.Y. Shin, C. Chaponnier, A.T. Yeh, J.P. Trzeciakowski, C.R. Woodman and A. Trache.  Vascular smooth muscle contractile function declines with age in skeletal muscle feed arteries.   Frontiers in Physiology.  9: 856 (2018). Abstract

47.      D.C. Morris, J.L. Popp, L.K. Tang, H.C. Gibbs, E. Schmitt, S.P. Chaki, B.C. Bywaters, A.T. Yeh, W.W. Porter, R.C. Burghardt, R. Barhoumi and G.M. Rivera.  Nck deficiency is associated with delayed breast carcinoma progression and reduced metastasis.   Molecular Biology of the Cell.  28: 3500-3516 (2017). Abstract

46.      H.C. Gibbs, A. Chang-Gonzalez, W. Hwang, A.T. Yeh and A.C. Lekven.  Midbrain-hindbrain boundary morphogenesis: At the intersection of Wnt and Fgf signaling.   Frontiers in Neuroanatomy.  11: 64 (2017). Abstract

45.      P.F. Lee, E. Chau, R. Cabello, A.T. Yeh, L.C. Sampaio, A.S. Gobin and D.A. Taylor.  Inverted orientation improves decellularization of whole porcine hearts.   Acta Biomaterialia.  49: 181-191 (2017). Abstract

44.      H.C. Gibbs, C.R. Dodson, Y. Bai, A.C. Lekven and A.T. Yeh.  Combined lineage mapping and gene expression profiling of embryonic brain patterning using ultrashort pulse microscopy and image registration.  Journal of Biomedical Optics.  19(12): 126016.  (2014).  Abstract

43.      Y. Bai, P.-F. Lee, J.D. Humphrey and A.T. Yeh.  Sequential multimodal microscopic imaging and biaxial mechanical testing of living multicomponent tissue constructs.  Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 42(9): 1791-1805  (2014).   Abstract

42.      Y. Bai, P.-F. Lee, H.C. Gibbs, K.J. Bayless and A.T. Yeh.  Dynamic multicomponent engineered tissue reorganization and matrix deposition measured with an integrated nonlinear optical microscopy-optical coherence microscopy system.  Journal of Biomedical Optics.  19(3): 036014 (2014).  Abstract

41.      H.C. Gibbs, Y. Bai, A.C. Lekven and A.T. Yeh.  Imaging embryonic development with ultrashort pulse microscopy.  Optical Engineering.  53(5): 051506 (2014).  Abstract  Special Section on Ultrashort Pulsed Laser and Applications Engineering.

40.      P.-F. Lee, Y. Bai, R.L. Smith, K.J. Bayless and A.T. Yeh.  Angiogenic responses are enhanced in mechanically and microscopically characterized, microbial transglutaminase crosslinked collagen matrices with increased stiffness.  Acta Biomaterialia.  9(7): 7178-7190 (2013).  Abstract

39.      H.C. Gibbs, G. Sing, J.C. Gonzalez Armas, C.J. Campbell, P. Ghazal and A.T. Yeh.  Time-lapse ultrashort pulse microscopy of infection in three-dimensional versus two-dimensional culture environments reveals enhanced extra-chromosomal virus replication compartment formation.   Journal of Biomedical Optics.  18(3): 031111 (2013).  Abstract

38.      E. Rahbar, J. Weimer, H. Gibbs, A.T. Yeh, C.D. Bertram, M.J. Davis, M.A. Hill, D.C. Zawieja and J.E. Moore, Jr.  Passive pressure-diameter relationships and structural composition of rat mesenteric lymphangions.   Lymphatic Research and Biology.  10(4): 152-163 (2012).  Abstract

37.      C. Wang and A.T. Yeh.  Two-photon excited fluorescence enhancement with broadband versus tunable femtosecond laser pulse excitation.   Journal of Biomedical Optics  17(2): 025003 (2012).  Abstract

36.      J. Ferruzzi, M.J. Collins, A.T. Yeh and J.D. Humphrey. Mechanical assessment of elastin integrity in fibrillin-1-deficient carotid arteries: implications for Marfan syndrome. Cardiovascular Research 92(2): 287-295 (2011). Abstract

35.      Q. Wu, B.E. Applegate and A.T. Yeh.  Cornea microstructure and mechanical responses measured with nonlinear optical and optical coherence microscopy using sub-10-fs pulses.  Biomedical Optics Express  2(5): 1135-1146 (2011).  Abstract

34.      H.-B. Kwak, J.-h. Kim, K. Joshi, A. Yeh, D.A. Martinez and J.M. Lawler.  Exercise training reduces fibrosis and matrix metalloproteinase dysregulation in the aging rat heart.  FASEB Journal  25(3): 1106-1117 (2011).  Abstract

33.      S.M. Steelman, Q. Wu, H.P. Wagner, A.T. Yeh and J.D. Humphrey.  Perivascular tethering modulates the geometry and biomechanics of cerebral arterioles.  Journal of Biomechanics  43(14): 2717-2721 (2010).  Abstract

32.      J.M. Hirshburg, K.M. Ravikumar, W. Hwang and A.T. Yeh.  Molecular basis for optical clearing of collagenous tissues.  Journal of Biomedical Optics  15(5): 055002 (2010).  Abstract

31.      L.H. Timmins, Q. Wu, A.T. Yeh, J.E. Moore, Jr. and S.E. Greenwald.  Structural inhomogeneity and fiber orientation in the inner arterial media.  American Journal of Physiology--Heart and Circulatory Physiology  298: H1537-H1545 (2010).  Abstract

30.      L.E. Niklason, A.T. Yeh, E.A. Calle, Y. Bai, A. Valentin and J.D. Humphrey.  Enabling tools for engineering collagenous tissues integrating bioreactors, intravital imaging, and biomechanical modeling.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  107: 3335-3339 (2010).  Abstract  Regenerative Medicine Special Feature.

29.      S. Pang, A.T. Yeh, C. Wang and K.E. Meissner.  Beyond the 1/Tp limit:  two-photon-excited fluorescence using pulses as short as sub-10-fs.  Journal of Biomedical Optics  14(5): 054041 (2009). Abstract

28.      J.-J. Hu, J.D. Humphrey and A.T. Yeh.  Characterization of engineered tissue development under biaxial stretch using nonlinear optical microscopy.  Tissue Engineering Part A  15(7): 1553-1564 (2009). Abstract

27.      A.M. Larson, A. Lee, P.-F. Lee, K.J. Bayless and A.T. Yeh.  Ultrashort pulse, multispectral nonlinear optical microscopy.  Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences  2(1): 27-35 (2009).   Abstract  Special Issue on Nonlinear Optical Microscopy.

26.      A.K. Bui, R.A. McClure, J. Chang, C. Stoianovici, J. Hirshburg, A.T. Yeh and B. Choi.  Revisiting optical clearing with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).  Lasers in Surgery & Medicine  41(2):  142-148 (2009).  Abstract

25.      P.-F. Lee, A.T. Yeh and K.J. Bayless.  Nonlinear optical microscopy reveals invading endothelial cells anisotropically alter three-dimensional collagen matrices.  Experimental Cell Research  315(3): 396-410 (2009). Abstract

24.      B.K. Wicker, H.P. Hutchens, Q. Wu, A.T. Yeh and J.D. Humphrey.  Normal basilar artery structure and biaxial mechanical behavior.  Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering  11(5): 539-551(2008). Abstract  Special Issue on Computer Simulations of Mechanobiology.

23.      A.M. Larson and A.T. Yeh.  Delivery of sub-10-fs pulses for nonlinear optical microscopy by polarization-maintaining single mode optical fiber.  Optics Express  16(19): 14723-14730 (2008). Abstract

22.      J.D. Humphrey, P.B. Wells, S. Baek, J-J. Hu, K. McLeroy and A.T. Yeh.  A theoretically-motivated biaxial tissue culture system with intravital microscopy.  Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology  7(4): 323-334 (2008). Abstract

21.      V.V. Tuchin, R.K. Wang and A.T. Yeh.  Optical clearing of tissues and cells.  Journal of Biomedical Optics  13: 021101 (2008). Abstract

20.      A.T. Yeh, H. Gibbs, J.-J. Hu and A.M. Larson.  Advances in nonlinear optical microscopy for visualizing dynamic tissue properties in culture.  Tissue Engineering Part B, Reviews  14(1): 119-131 (2008).  Abstract  Invited Review.

19.      Q. Wu and A.T. Yeh.  Rabbit cornea microstructure response to changes in intraocular pressure visualized using nonlinear optical microscopy.  Cornea  27(2): 202-208 (2008).  Abstract

18.       J. Hirshburg, B. Choi, J.S. Nelson and A.T. Yeh.  Correlation between collagen solubility and skin optical clearing using sugars.  Lasers in Surgery and Medicine  39: 140-144  (2007). Abstract

17.      J. Hirshburg, B. Choi, J.S. Nelson and A.T. Yeh.  Collagen solubility correlates with skin optical clearing.  Journal of Biomedical Optics  11(4):  040501  (2006).  Abstract

16.      A.M. Larson and A.T. Yeh.  Ex vivo characterization of sub-10-fs pulses.  Optics Letters  31(11): 1681-1683  (2006).  Abstract

15.       P. B. Wells, A. T. Yeh and J. D. Humphrey. Influence of glycerol on the mechanical behavior and thermal damage susceptibility of collagenous tissues.  IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering  53(4): 747-753  (2006).  Abstract

14.       A. T. Yeh and J. Hirshburg. Molecular interactions of exogenous chemical agents with collagen--implications for tissue optical clearing.  Journal of Biomedical Optics  11(1):  014003  (2006).  Abstract

13.       L. L. Chiu, C. H. Sun, A. T. Yeh, B. Torkian, A. Karamzadeh, B. Tromberg and B. J. F. Wong. Photodynamic therapy on keloid fibroblasts in tissue-engineered keratinocyte-fibroblast co-culture.  Lasers in Surgery and Medicine  37:  231-244  (2005).  Abstract

12.       A. T. Yeh, M. J. Hammer-Wilson, D. C. Van Sickle, H. P. Benton, A. Zoumi, B. J. Tromberg and G. M. Peavy. Nonlinear optical microscopy of articular cartilage. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 13: 345-352 (2005). Abstract

11.       H. Hirschberg, C.-h. Sun, B. J. Tromberg, A. T. Yeh and S. J. Madsen. Enhanced cytotoxic effects of 5-aminolevulinic acid-mediated photodynamic therapy by concurrent hyperthermia in glioma spheroids. Journal of Neuro-oncology 70: 289-299 (2004). Abstract

10.       B. A. Torkian, A. T. Yeh, R. Engel, C.-h. Sun, B. J. Tromberg and B. J. F. Wong. Modeling Aberrant Wound Healing Using Tissue-Engineered Skin Constructs and Multiphoton Microscopy. Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery 6: 180-187 (2004). Abstract

9.         A. T. Yeh, B. Kao, W. G. Jung, Z. Chen, J. S. Nelson and B. J. Tromberg. Imaging wound healing using optical coherence tomography and multiphoton microscopy in an in vitro skin-equivalent tissue model. Journal of Biomedical Optics 9(2): 248-253 (2004). Abstract

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7.         S. J. Madsen, C.-h. Sun, B. J. Tromberg, A. T. Yeh, R. Sanchez and H. Hirschberg. Effects of Combined Photodynamic Therapy and Ionizing Radiation on Human Glioma Spheroids. Photochemistry and Photobiology 76(4): 96-101 (2002). Abstract

6.         A. T. Yeh, N. Nassif, A. Zoumi and B. J. Tromberg. Selective corneal imaging using combined second harmonic generation and two-photon excited fluorescence. Optics Letters 27(23): 2082-2084 (2002). Abstract

5.         A. Zoumi, A. Yeh and B. J. Tromberg. Imaging cells and extracellular matrix in vivo by using second-harmonic generation and two-photon excited fluorescence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99(17): 11014-11019 (2002). Abstract

4.         A. T. Yeh, C. V. Shank and J. K. McCusker. Ultrafast Electron Localization Following Photo-Induced Charge Transfer. Science 289: 935-938 (2000). Abstract

3.         A. T. Yeh, G. Cerullo, U. Banin, A. Mews, A. P. Alivisatos and C. V. Shank. Femtosecond dynamics of exciton localization in CdS/HgS quantum dot quantum wells. Physical Review B 59(7): 4973-4979 (1999). Abstract

2.         D. A. Fischer, G. E. Mitchell, A. T. Yeh and J. L. Gland. Functional group orientation in surface and bulk polystyrene studied by USXAS. Applied Surface Science 133: 58-64 (1998). Abstract

1.         N. H. Damrauer, G. Cerullo, A. Yeh, T. R. Boussie, J. K. McCusker and C. V. Shank. Femtosecond dynamics of excited state evolution in [Ru(bpy)3]2+. Science 275:  54-57 (1997). Abstract



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